The 2019 Harvest Marathon Relay is in the Books

Congratulations to all the team who competed in the Harvest Marathon Relay for the benefit of the Houston Food Bank.  #HarvestRelay2019

Special thanks go out to our Gold Level Sponsor, Elite Care Emergency, who had a team competing in their first event.  Also, thanks go out to our Silver Level Sponsor, NextWave Energy Partners who have been a supporter of the Harvest Marathon Relay since the beginning.  

Thank you to our in-kind sponsors Houston Distributing, Reach Stretch Studio and Run On! by Jack Rabbit.

Finally, congratulations go out to Shell "We take this too serious" Team who set a Harvest Marathon Relay WORLD RECORD by completing the event in 2:17:21.  

From the Race Organizers and Houston Food Bank, we look forward to seeing you next year. 


  1. Big thank you to Race Organizers and Volunteers for making the event fun!

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